Find Us on BlogLovin and Google+!

Hey everyone!  We’re doing our best to get everything organized for optimal blogging success ;)  So as of today, you can find us on Bloglovin!  You can follow along here: Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

We’ve also just launched our official Google+ Business page!  To keep up with all of the news that’s fit to…google…Click Here!

And…since that’s not much of an update for the day…here are some cute pictures of us cats being adorable – as usual!

Cat Bath Time

Cats Up To No Good

Happy Thursday, Everyone!
XOXO, Baseball and Zooey (and Ben and Dan)


2 responses

  1. Hello…I saw a picture of your cat with a blue surgery collar on. It was soft and light. I have been looking for something simlar for a small kitten that needs one. Do you recall where you purchased it? The others are think, heavy,and stiff. Too much for a 2.5 pound baby. Thank you.

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