About The Adventures

The Adventures began in November of 2006 when I found Baseball underneath a friend’s house.  He was too small to be away from the litter that early, so I nursed him back to health, and soon he was a healthy, feisty little kitten.  Although I thought it would be fun to write children’s  books based on his antics even then, it wasn’t until Zooey joined our family in May of 2007 that I really started collecting ideas for a series.

Their personalities are so distinctly different. He may be Alpha Kitty, but he’s also a mama’s boy who loves to cuddle, and is a bit timid around new or scary things. Zooey, on the other hand, has earned the nickname “The IZooZoo Trooper” because nothing phases her, and is much more outgoing – that girl is ALWAYS on the lookout for some kind of trouble to get into!  Baseball, being ever so much older and wiser, never misses an opportunity to “enforce” the house rules – I barely have time to get out a “No! Bad kitty!” before he marches in to swipe her off the coffee table.  Although I think he’d be mad at me for telling you all, in the end, they’re really actually quite good friends, and if you happen to walk into a room and catch them off guard, don’t be surprised if you find two little kittens curled up like this:

Current “Adventures of Baseball and Zooey” books –

Zooey and Her Soldier (April 2012)

Zooey The AcroCat (July 2012)

The Cat Under The House (Coming Soon!)


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