We Have Returned!!! – Back and Meowier Than Ever!

BandZ Heater Snuggle

Why hello everyone!!  It’s been quite a long time since we last met, hasn’t it?  And we have so much to catch up on!

Furs of all, I suppose we should apologize for such a long hiatus.  Some crazy stuff has happened in our neck of the woods, and we’ve only just now settled down and gotten used to it all.

I mean, for one thing, not only did our mom meet this really cool guy (she calls him “Captain America”), but he also happened to have THREE pets!  Which was definitely not so cool…at least not at the beginning!

Actually, it wasn’t terrible at first – he started by bringing over this strange little creature that we later learned is called a “Chihuahua,” but we just call him Doug.  He’s okay I guess.  Except when he tries to eat our food.  Dude, don’t you know that’s for cats? What a weirdo.

But THEN we found out that those other animal smells coming from Captain America belonged to CATS.  And that was definitely not okay.  It took us a long time to accept the fact that this Captain America guy, his strange dog, AND his cats would be sticking around.

And just as we were getting used to things – mom and that Captain America guy got married, and we MOVED!!

So now we live in a new house, and we have three new brothers to play with.  Not going to lie – moving and getting brothers was pretty stressful, and we weren’t always happy about it.  But as it turns out, this house is way bigger, which means there’s more room to run – plus there are more cats, which means there are more things to chase! All in all, I suppose we can’t complain.

But we do have a pretty good excuse for being gone for so long.

The good news is, we’re all happy and settled in these days, which means we’ll be back and meowier than ever in the coming weeks here on the blog!  There are still a few odds and ends that we have to over-see, so it might take us a while to get fully into the swing of things, but by golly, we’re ready to get our paws dirty (okay, maybe not so much) and get back to the business of being the cutest cats the internet ever saw!

In the meantime, our mom has taken to posting even more cute shots of us on Instagram!  We’re trying to convince her we need an account of our own, but so far you can follow along with her at the username TheHWL.

See you soon!

 Love, Baseball and Zooey

Us and Our New Brothers

Us and Our New Brothers


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