Baseball & Zooey

Baseball is a nearly-15-pound Maine Coon, who was found abandoned underneath a friend’s house as a kitten.  Unable to resist the little poofball, I adopted him, and he now lives a healthy and happy life finding sunny spots to sleep in, begging for treats, and chasing Zooey.  Always the older brother, he loves to be in charge!  Although when something exciting happens, watch out…He’ll probably be hiding under the couch!  Nicknames: Mister Man, Baby Boy, Bubbs, Monster Mash, Bibble, B-Ball (etc…)

Baseball – January 2007

Baseball – March 2012


Zooey was also found as a stray kitten by a friend about a year later, and given to me to keep Baseball company – we haven’t had a dull moment since!  At this point I’m pretty sure she could accomplish anything if only she had thumbs.  Exuberant and friendly, any time there’s action, she wants to be in the middle of it!  Her hobbies include jumping onto high places, chasing bugs, and opening closed doors. Nicknames:Miss Moo, Zoo Zoo, Moo Moo, Mooey, Baby Girl, The IZooZoo Trooper (etc…)

Zooey – March 2012

Zooey – May 2007


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