Winter Safety for Pets

Hello all!  The winter weather has officially been upon us for some time now, and since it’s currently snowing in Oregon, Baseball and Zooey thought it was important to re-share these Winter Pet Safety reminders from last year, with a couple of new additions!

Cold winter weather can provide many hazards for your pet, especially outdoor friends and strays.  Be a responsible pet owner this year and follow these tips from Alley Cat Allies to keep your furry friend happy and healthy through the winter season.

Winter Pet Safety

Some additional tips that Zooey and Baseball wanted to add:

  • Remember – if you’re cold, they’re cold!  So be sure to keep pets indoors on particularly stormy, wet, rainy, or snowy days.
  • If your pets are indoor/outdoor, be sure that they are brought inside over night – temperatures can quickly reach freezing (or below!).
  • If it’s absolutely impossible to bring them inside, consider setting up a shelter in a garage or shed, with a bed, fresh food, and water.
  • Make sure outdoor strays have access to fresh water and don’t allow it to ice over.
  • Invest in heated pet bed and heated food/water dishes for outdoor strays.
  • Feed outdoor strays extra – staying warm when it’s cold out burns more calories.
  • Make some roughneck homes – an inexpensive and easy way to provide shelter and warmth for those feral or stray pets that have stolen your heart.

Click Here to check out even more tips on winter safety from Alley Cat Allies, and make sure your friends stay safe and warm this winter!