What Is A Library?

A wonderful letter from E.B. White – author of Charlotte’s Web – to the children in the city of Troy about the important impact libraries and books have on reading, life, and education.

EB White Letter

What do libraries mean to you?


Global Cardboard Challenge

Last year, a story about a boy named Caine who had created an entire gaming arcade out of cardboard boxes in his father’s auto parts store went viral thanks to this video made by Nirvan Mullick:

This year, in honor of the anniversary of the Flash Mob that surprised Caine at his arcade, Caine, Nirvan, and many others got together to designate this Saturday, October 6th, a global day of play called The Cardboard Challenge.  To find out how you can participate, and help foster creativity in children everywhere, check out the follow-up video below, or stop by the official website at CainesArcade.com.

Caine’s story is an amazing testament to how the support of a single person can change the life of a child.

What are you up to this weekend?  Baseball and Zooey encourage you to get out there and PLAY!