Wordless…Thursday? Baseball and Zooey Present: “Snowed In”

Okay, so it has come to our attention that today might not in fact be Wordless Wednesday anymore, and we kind of missed the boat.  But can you blame us?  We’re cats!  We can’t be expected to keep track of the days of the week – that’s our human’s job!  They don’t even make calendars for cats…

Anyways, our human seems to think that being a human means being really busy all the time, and for some reason she won’t let us use the computer on our own…so we kind of just have to hang around and wait until she gets the time to type for us.  If you want to blame anyone for our tardiness, blame her.  She’s never on time ANYWHERE!!

But better late than never – we say.  We also say that this post isn’t even wordless, because we’re making an introduction, but since we already bent the whole Wednesday rule…what’s one more?

So without further ado, here’s our Wordless Wednesday on…Takin’ pictures and Talking about ’em Thursday?  (If you’ll notice, we got pictures of the whole fur-family in the post, today!!)

Baseball and Zooey (and Dan and Ben and Doug) Present: “SNOWED IN!”

Chihuahua Snow 2014Doug is the only one who got to go outside in the stuff…

But us cats weren’t exactly jealous – it’s much warmer inside!

Maine Coon Snow 2014

Bengal Cat Snow 2014Plus…there are SQUIRRELS to watch from the window!

Tabby Cats Snow 2014

How do you like to spend a good snow day?  Inside where it’s warm, or outdoors playing in all of the powder?  What about your fur-kids?  What do they think of snow days?