Our Outdoor Pals

The other day we told you that we made friends with some stray cats that were abandoned by our neighbors.  Mom gives them food and water every day, and we just made them some Roughneck Homes to shelter them for the winter!

Even though they’ve been our friends for several years now, we still can’t hang out with them whisker-to-whisker, because Mom says they might not have been given their vaccines, and that means they could make us sick!  Being sick doesn’t sound like very much fun, so we trust her.  Plus, she told us that soon she plans on taking them to get low-cost veterinarian care, so in the meantime we’re content to just sit and look at each other through the windows.

Although there are about 5 or 6 regulars that come by, the three that were left by our neighbors are the only ones who seem to have been someone’s pet at one time or another – which means they’re stray.  The others, like the one we named “Scar,” have probably never had a human owner – and that means they’re feral.

The 3 strays are our best friends, and we hang out with them a lot.  And even though it happens very rarely, they’ve actually let Mom pet them a couple of times!  Usually though they stay a “safe” distance away, which means they’re just barely out of arm’s reach.  But they really love it when mom talks to them, and they come running across the yard to say “hello” whenever she opens the garage door or pulls into the driveway. It seems like they might finally be starting to trust her more.  We sure hope so, we’ve lived with her for 6 years, and we know they don’t have anything to be afraid of!  In fact, she always has more love to share with another animal – even if it makes us kind of jealous sometimes!

We don’t have any pictures of our feral friends at the moment, but here are some photos Mom took of our three best friends:

From left to right: Tiger Lily, Cutie Pie & Sweet Pea

Tiger Lily

Cutie Pie


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