Your Pet and Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time for humans, but for our furry friends it can often be a dangerous time of the year.

Here are some tips on how to keep your pet safe on Halloween:

  • Keep them indoors – and not just your black cats.  Halloween can be a time for mischief makers, and often times pets can be the innocent victims of cruel pranks.  Make sure to keep them inside in a safe place – especially if you’re attending a Halloween Party or taking out a group of trick or treaters.  Pets can get scared by loud celebrations and get free from even the most secure backyards.
  • Keep them away from open doors – curious pets might be tempted to follow behind you to “inspect” the kids at the door, and they may sneak out in the shuffle.  Also, you can never be too sure if young children have been raised around pets – it’s best not to risk a pulled tail leading to someone getting scratched or bitten.
  • If excessive ringing of the doorbell causes your pet anxiety, make sure they have a quiet place to rest, or place tape over it/cover it in some way for the evening.
  • Store all candy out of reach of pets, and never share your treats with them!  Especially chocolate – it can be deadly for many animals if ingested.
  • If you’re dressing your pet in costume make sure it doesn’t have any choking hazards and that it doesn’t restrict their breathing, eating and drinking, or movement.
  • Make sure that all candles, decorations, and carved pumpkins are out of reach of pets and not someplace they can be knocked over.

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