Pet Safety During Natural Disasters

With Hurricane Sandy heading for the east coast, Baseball and Zooey thought it was very important for pet owners to find out how to keep their furry friends safe during the storm.  Even if you’re not facing a natural disaster at the moment, it’s always smart to be prepared.  You never know what the weather may do, and having a pet preparedness kit ready ahead of time will make it one less thing you have to attend to in an emergency.

Check out these links from and the ASPCA on how to create a disaster kit and plan for your pets as well as information on first aid and CPR.

Petfinder: Disaster Preparedness for Pets and Their Families

ASPCA: How to Prepare Your Pets for Hurricane Sandy

If you are in the New York area, you should know that all evacuation shelters accept animals.  Please take them with you!  You do not be afraid to evacuate for fear of leaving them behind.

The ASPCA will have updates on the storm’s progress on their blog, facebook page, and twitter.  You can also use and follow their hashtag #SandyPets on twitter for updates on all of the pet-related hurricane news.

We hope all of our friends on the east coast stay safe and dry while this storm passes!


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    • We have been thinking of all of the residents of the east coast as well…it’s such a difficult situation.

      Also, It’s hard to know how to break down some more serious topics into easier and more appropriate child-sized bits, so thank you for the feedback!

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