The Inspirational Marmalady

There are a lot of stories out there of animal abuse and neglect out there, and sometimes it can get rather depressing – but Baseball and Zooey think Marmalady’s story is a heart-warming reminder of strength and love.

Marmalady was found bedraggled and injured in an apartment complex parking lot. Apparently left for dead after being hit by a car, she was rescued by some kind folks who immediately took her to The Cat House on The Kings for help.  Unfortunately, there they discovered that one of her front legs was so badly injured that it needed to be amputated.

Photo Credit: The Cat House on The Kings

However, her story doesn’t end there!  Upon hearing of her plight, people from all over the country began donating money to provide the little orange tabby with all of the medical attention she would need to get better.

The operation was successful, and The Cat House on The Kings gave everyone daily updates on her progress from their facebook page.  This bright eyed little kitten stole the hearts of thousands as she persevered and learned to walk again.

Soon it was time for Marmalady (named for the orange of her coat) to find her furr-ever home.  The applications flooded in, as everyone had fallen in love with her charms. But even though Marmalady was going to be fine, she was now considered a special needs cat, which meant she needed to go to a home that could handle her needs. Luckily for Marmalady, a woman named Laura from Canada, had applied to be her mom.  Laura already had a few other dogs and cats to be Marmalady’s brothers and sisters, so she knew all about how to take care of animals.  Plus, she had a Catio – a screened in patio for the cats – so Marmalady could still enjoy the outdoors even though, with only three legs, she had to be an indoor-only cat now.

Photo Credit: Marmalady Lemieux

When she was finally ready to go home, Laura drove down to California, and Marmalady and her new mom made the drive back up to Canada!  It took a little while for Marmalady to warm up, but luckily she had her very own bedroom to hang out in until she felt safe enough to meet her new brothers and sisters and explore the house.

Today, Marmalady loves her new home, and Laura keeps everyone posted on her progress via Facebook.  Marmalady has 2,253 friends and counting!  It’s amazing to see the love and support that everyone has poured out to her.  She and her brothers and sisters love each other very much, and every day is a new adventure!  Marmalady never lets her handicap stop her, or dampen her spirit.  Now she has furr-friends from all over who post their pictures and tell her their stories.  She has become an inspiration to humans and animals everywhere!

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Photo Credit: Marmalady Lemieux

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