National Feral Cat Day

“U meen some catties has to lives in boxes insted of howses?”

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about National Talk Like a Pirate Day (Y’aaaar Mateys!).  In fact, now there’s even an option on Facebook that allows you to change your language to Pirate.  What does that have to do with cats, you ask?

Well, honestly, not a whole lot.  But, it does go to show that if you dedicate a specific day to something, you can really get people talking – no pun intended!

And getting people talking can really create some long lasting changes.  Just ask the folks at Alley Cat Allies.  Over a decade ago, Alley Cat Allies got together to create the first national feral cat day in order to get people talking and promote the welfare of feral, stray, and abandoned animals

Today is the 11th annual National Feral Cat Day!

What can you do to get involved?  Head over to their website for more information and ways to donate.

Most importantly, always be sure to spay and neuter your pets!!

“Wel, if Baseball has a shu box then I gets the milk crates!”


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