“Zooey The AcroCat” Review!

Yesterday, Zooey The AcroCat received its very first review from Nicole over at Ariesgrl Book Reviews!

As you can imagine, Baseball, Zooey, and I were pretty excited to see what she thought – especially Zooey!

Check out an excerpt of her review below, or visit the official Ariesgrl Book Reviews’ site here to read the whole thing.

“”[Zooey The AcroCat is] A unique children’s book, with hand-drawn pictures that will be relatable to young children and give the story a more personal feel. Though this story does not rhyme, the sentences are short and easy to read, which is perfect for helping children transition from being read-to, to reading the book themselves. Kelly tells the story of her two mischievous cats, which is relatable to every pet owner. A bit of an abrupt ending will leave readers guessing what Baseball and Zooey do next…I would recommend this book to parents with young children as a cute, short bedtime story.”

We’re glad you liked our cliffhanger ending, Nicole!  What WILL Zooey The AcroCat and her sidekick Baseball do next??  Be sure to find out when our third book, The Surprise Under The House, makes its debut this November!

Don’t have your own copy of Zooey The AcroCat yet?  Visit our shop to find out what it’s all about!

Interested in reviewing one of our books? Delano Publishing has released a limited number of copies for the press – please contact us here for more information.

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