New Site Launch!

Hello lovely readers!  Zooey and I are SO excited today, because today is the launch of our brand new website!!!

Click Here to Check it Out!

What’s exciting about this new website, you ask?

Well, it’s dedicated entirely to our book Zooey and Her Soldier!

You see, Zooey and I have been thinking recently, and we’ve decided that because Zooey and Her Soldier is the only book about military life in “The Adventures of Baseball and Zooey” series, it really should have its very own website.  Now you can find out about all the latest on Zooey, without having to read about that pesky Baseball! (Okay, so Zooey wrote that last bit).

Not only that, but its also going to be a great resource for military families, with links to some of our favorite military family blogs, and ways you can help support our troops!

So, stop by the site if you’d like, take a look around – and thank you for celebrating the launch with us!


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