Make A Difference – Pt. 3

The other day while I was learning how to knit a new stitch, Baseball and Zooey were curious.  “What are you going to do with that when you’re done, Mom?”  They asked. I told them I wasn’t sure.

You see, when I’m learning a new stitch, I’m not always very good at it, so I don’t like to start a new project right away – usually I practice by making a couple of squares out of leftover yarn first.  Baseball and Zooey got me thinking though, what was I going to do with all of these squares when I was finished?

Then I remembered a website I found a few months ago called The Snuggle Project. “That’s it!  I could turn my practice squares into Snuggles!”  I told the cats.

What are Snuggles, you ask?

Well! Snuggles are small knit blankets made for shelter animals. These animals are often very scared, and have trouble attaching to humans because they’ve either been abused, or just been on their own too long without any human contact. Snuggles are a soft friend they can cuddle with that helps soothe them/calm them down when they’re stressed. Not only that, but once the animal bonds with their Snuggle, it’s much easier for them to learn how to bond with people and other animals! It also makes their transition from shelter to home easier once they are adopted, because they have something familiar and comforting to go along with them. Snuggles are so helpful, that many shelters have started requesting them! Click here to see if your local shelter is on the list.

Animals do so much for their human friends when given the chance. We have all heard the stories of heroism, and anyone who’s owned a pet knows how much love they give. It’s important that we find a way to help these animals in whatever way we can.

I certainly don’t know where I’d be without Baseball and Zooey!  So, while I can’t adopt every animal that’s in a shelter, or even spare that much change for donations – I can knit! (Kind of…)

Recommended Snuggle Sizes:

14” x 14” for cats and small animals
24” x 24” for cats and small to medium dogs
36” x 36” for medium to large dogs

Are you interested in making some Snuggles?? Check out this website for more information. What do you do with your practice pieces?

Baseball and Zooey say “Happy Knitting”!


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