Baseball and The Cone of Shame

Baseball is not happy.

I think you can see why.

He has to wear the cone of shame!  And even worse?  Zooey doesn’t…

I keep trying to tell him that’s what happens when you try to rip out all of your tail hair and hack up hairballs all over the house, but he wouldn’t listen.  I feel bad for the big guy, cause he’s so itchy, and I don’t know why!  The fleas have been non-existent this summer, and he’s been doing really well on the food they’ve been eating recently. For a while I was thinking it could be heat rash, because he’s a long-hair and it got pretty warm in the house this summer without A/C, but it’s cooled off and his itching hasn’t, so I just don’t know anymore!

Yesterday he got a bath with some soothing organic shampoo that has aloe and jojoba in it, and after he was dry the cone went back on, so I’m hoping if we can break the cycle things will settle down.  Poor Bubbserman :(

In other news, I really don’t like the traditional hard cones for cats because they’re virtually impossible for them to function in, so we got these soft cones instead.  They work better, however they still blocks their vision, the cats still trip over them, and the edges get dragged through the litter box and food/water dishes.  For a while the annoyance of not being able to move normally slows them down, however, after a day or two Baseball and Zooey are back to their old hi-jinks and running around the house. Because they’re so much klutzier with the soft cones, I always have the fear of them getting stuck, injured, or even strangled by them when I’m out of the house and they’re attempting to go full speed.

This prompted me to look into a different kind of cone, and led to a pretty exciting discovery!  Tune in on Friday to find out what it is, where you can get it, and what Baseball thinks of it!

Any of you cat owners out there have a Maine Coon or a Long-Hair with a similar itching issue?  How have you dealt with it?  What was the cause?


2 responses

    • I actually saw some next to the shampoo I grabbed at the pet store yesterday, and was thinking about looking into it! Thanks for the reminder, I definitely think it might help since the bath really seemed to soothe him.

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