Scary French Children’s Books

The other day, my friend shared with me this blog, written by Jenny Colgan, who recently moved to France from the Netherlands, and was surprised to find some rather…interesting books for children!

My “favorite” is probably this one: 

It’s called The Weight of Disappointment, and I think it’s my favorite mainly because of the caption, written by Colgan:

‘My seven-year-old (whose weekly agonising over which Lucky Luke to choose is why I’m hanging around the library in the first place) came over when I was taking a picture of this and said “why are you taking pictures of something so sad?”. I didn’t say, “because suffering is part of your lot in life, my innocent child”. But if I’d been French, I might have done.’

Baseball and Zooey sure are glad their books aren’t that depressing!

Have you stumbled upon any fun or surprising children’s books?  Share the best (and the worst!) of them here!  And be sure to check out the rest of Colgan’s finds!


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