Delay of Catification

Hello lovely readers!  We hope you’re having a fantastic Friday!

Unfortunately, as the title of this post hinted at, there’s going to be a little delay of publication when it comes to our latest book Zooey The AcroCat!  As much as we had hoped to be able to get the book out to you by the end of this month, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen :(

I know, I know!  We’re disappointed too!  But we’re also kind of excited because the reason for the delay is a visit from family!  That’s right, my little one-year-old nephew who I haven’t had the chance to meet yet, and my brother and sister-in-law, are coming up from New Mexico!  And in order to get in as much quality time as possible during their visit, everything else in life is going to be put on hold for about a week :)

The good news is that we’re almost done with the illustrations and writing, so with Baseball and Zooey as my cheerleaders, I’ll get all the loose ends tied together before they arrive, and the finished book should be ready and waiting for me to send away to the printers by the time they head back home!

Oh, and want some MORE good news?  Starting Monday, you’ll be able to purchase Zooey and Her Soldier from a shop on our very own site!!!

But until then…Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!


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