What Will Baseball Eat Next?

Well, as we all now know, Baseball loves whipped cream…But what else does he enjoy?*  To be honest – pretty much anything.  He’s like a vacuum cleaner, only better – the second anything falls on the floor, he’s immediately there to clean it up – no lugging a big contraption out of the closet required :P  While Zooey is slightly more picky, and generally only takes part in cat food (the only human foods we’ve seen her enjoy to date are: Teriyaki chicken – from a specific restaurant – tuna fish, yogurt, and…candy canes?), Baseball pretty much feels like if humans eat it, that’s good enough for him!

So what are some of the strangest things I’ve seen my cat eat?

Well recently I caught him eating a raw Red Bell Pepper.

Yep, I was cutting some up and getting ready to move a mound into the pan on the stove, when one slipped through my fingers, and landed right in front of him.  He wasted NO time.  I barely had a chance to grab my phone off the counter and snap these pictures before it was gone.  He then proceeded to trip me by winding around my legs begging for more – every time I moved – for the rest of the time I was making dinner. Such.  A.  Weirdo.

Quite possibly the funniest moment, however, was when my old roommate was eating Laffy Taffy.  Baseball has an odd obsession with fruit (he once ate through a plastic bag, and devoured half a kiwi – fuzzy skin and all!), so he was BEGGING to have a try of the taffy.  Lexie tore off a piece and gave it to him, but it was sticky and he couldn’t figure out how to chew it, exactly, and it fell out of his mouth onto the floor.  After several failed attempts to lick it up, he got frustrated and tried to grab it with his paw…Biggest Mistake Ever!  The taffy had become even stickier once he’d licked it, and being a Maine Coon…he’s got quite a lot of foot hair.  You guessed it – it got stuck!

Now any of you parents out there who have tried to get gum out of a squirming child’s hair knows what I’m up against at this point.  He’s angry, he still wants to eat the taffy but can’t get it off his paw, and walking doesn’t really work out when there is something stuck to your foot!  But it was all mushed in there!  After lots of tugging and pulling and working on it, and Baseball’s many LOUD protests, we finally got it extricated (I really wish I had taken some pictures of the whole thing, but he was panicking, so like any good Mom, I jumped into action mode instead :P).

And after all of that, did Baseball still want to eat some Laffy Taffy?  You bet he did!! For some odd reason, he won’t eat the banana flavor anymore though…

Does your cat eat something strange?  Tell us about it in the comments!

And stay tuned to find out What Baseball Will Eat Next!

*Note: This site does not endorse feeding your animals anything other than the food recommended by your veterinarian. These are just foods that, over the course of time, have fallen on the floor and Baseball has “cleaned up” (before I had a chance to).

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