A Look Inside The Book – Zooey and Her Soldier!

Happy Meownday everyone!  We hope you had a great weekend!  Baseball, Zooey and I got some much needed relaxation in, and had a Netflix marathon in our pajamas!

But today it’s back to business :P  At least it’s fun business, anyways!

Part of today’s project includes getting Zooey and Her Soldier  up on Etsy (find out more tomorrow!).  I’m super excited to get it out there in another venue!  It got me thinking that it would probably be nice to be able to see more than just the cover of the book though – so I decided to upload a picture of a few pages, and share them here with you before you can find them on Etsy!  Sorry if they’re not the highest quality, I couldn’t get my scanner to work this morning so they’re cell phone pictures :P

Don’t worry, no spoilers, just a sneak peek at some of the artwork and adventure you’ll find inside!

Full Cover

Page 4

Page 6


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