Zooey and Her Real Soldier

Since I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Zooey and Her Soldier was based on a true story about my cat Zooey and my friend Doug, I decided that today would be a good day to share with you all a little history of the Actual Zooey and Her Real Soldier!  I even threw in one of the pictures of the two of them that inspired the book :)

Hope you enjoy!!

When I first got Zooey, she was a very independent little kitten.  She had been abandoned, and didn’t get the chance to form attachments like most kittens do. Since she was more interested in running around and playing than cuddling, we didn’t bond right away.  Every time I  picked her up or tried to pet her I found myself with an armful of squirming paws and fur that was trying to break free to go run amok some more :P  For 3 years, I watched her grow and her personality develop – she was always friendly, curious, and following people around, (no matter what’s going on in the house, she wants to be smack dab in the middle of it!) –  but she was never a lap-cat, and would shy away when anyone tried to pet or hold her.

Then one day Zooey met Doug…I’m not quite sure what happened, but she hasn’t been the same since! He became her best buddy pretty much instantly (as you can tell by the pictures!) and her attitude towards the rest of us has slowly changed as well :)

Today, Miss Moo is a TOTAL love-bug (she’s sleeping in my lap as I type this), and although she’s just as kooky and independent as ever, now when she follows you from room to room it’s so that she can hop into your lap the second you sit down!

Napping together

Playing Computer Games

Snuggling with his jacket

Some much needed lap time during HBL

Zooey and Doug on Holiday Block Leave 2012

Zooey and Her Real Soldier: Saying goodbye, headed back to Basic Training


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