Now Available for Purchase! Zooey and Her Soldier

Zooey and Her Soldier was written and illustrated by Andrea Kelly, and is the first of the “Baseball and Zooey” books to be published.

Like all of The Adventures, it is a true story based on my cat Zooey, and her actions after our friend Doug left for Basic Training.  Although I already had several ideas for the series in the works, when Doug’s birthday came around while he was away Zooey and I decided to buck order, and publish his book first – in time to give it as a gift.

So, after several drafts, and countless editing sessions Zooey and Her Soldier is now available for purchase on TheBookPatch.Com, just in time for Memorial Day!

I can’t tell you how excited myself, the folks at Delano Publishing, and more importantly, Zooey and Baseball, are!  (Okay, so maybe Zooey’s a little more exited than Baseball – she can’t wait to be famous!  And, maybe Baseball’s a little more jealous than excited, but I keep telling him he’ll be the star of his own book soon…)

So if you want to see what all the excitement (and jealousy) is about, hop on over to The Book Patch, or click the Buy Now link below!

‘“Zooey’s best friend, Doug, is in The National Guard. Sometimes he has to go away for a little while.  When he’s gone, Zooey misses him a lot.  She can’t wait for him to get back!  But Zooey’s about to discover something – something that will make the wait much, much easier!”

Zooey and Her Soldier is a great book for children dealing with a parent or family member in the Armed Forces, (or even one who has to travel a lot!).  As tough as those moments are for parents, they are often even harder on the children, especially those that are still too young to understand the entire concept.  Zooey is a positive and relatable character for young kids, who has a helpful idea on how to feel closer to the ones you love, even while they are far away!

Ideal for bedtime stories and new readers – an enjoyable book for young and old alike!’ Buy Now style 1 button


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